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As Chartered Financial Consultants (Ch.F.C.) Wealthmore is independent of any manufacturer and has access to most financial products in the marketplace. This enables us to recommend solutions uniquely suited to each and every client.

• Retirement income
• Tax & Estate
• Severance & inheritance
• Business advisory & transition
• Family harmony & succession
•  Philanthropy & legacy
• Wills & Trusts

• Annuities
• TFSA, In Trust

• Life, disability, critical illness & long term care insurance
• Executive pensions & deferred compensation arrangements
• Group benefits, Pension and & Savings plans
• Health spending accounts & cost plus arrangements
• Plan design, contract analysis, claims support & administration

WealthMore offers both fee and commission-based arrangements and would be pleased to discuss these options as they relate to your specific needs. Initial consultations are complimentary.

Most people already have some products or services but have no real idea what they have or how it fits into their “Right Combination Process”. Do your existing products or services meet your current needs? By getting a second opinion, we will either validate what you are doing is on track or we you may come to find that your plan does not suit your current needs.

Quite often due to our extensive knowledge and education, we are able to bring to light either tax savings opportunities or creative ways to minimize fees. See for yourself what options are available to you. This could open you up for financial growth opportunities.

Financial Services