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Mr Berdugo continually distinguishes himself as a deeply knowledgeable and big picture professional. Mr Berdugo has worked to gain a thorough understanding of our business and personal goals. Mr Berdugo frequently integrates with our legal and financial partners, working to find safe and creative financial planning and insurance programs that benefit our business. His knowledgeable, proactive and service orientated approach has proven to work and provide us with confidence we are in the best possible hands.
Hylton Maizels CO-CEO , Addmore Group
“I appreciate Larry’s expertise. He has ensured that my insurance coverage is optimized as my family life and professional life continue to evolve. I have recommended Larry to friends and colleagues.”
D.M., Endodontist
Larry’s expertise and knowledge was an immense help in us achieving and implementing the correct instance coverage. His ability to compare different policies and choices made our section making that much easier
Simon Benattar President, Niot Investment Holdings Limited
We have been working with Larry for many years and throughout this time Larry and his team have been nothing but professional, committed and have always looked out for our best interest. We trust that Larry has steered us in the right direction. Since applying the products or services, we feel that our family has been well taken care of. We very much appreciate Larry’s direct and informative approach to doing business and have benefited greatly over the years from his expertise. Larry, you are a gentleman and we look forward to continuing our growth through your guidance.
Ely & Gail Benzaquen, HQV inc.
I have known Larry for 10 years. I just recently (18months ago) started doing business with Larry. I currently have a business pension for all employees, personal pension, disability, and RRSP investments with Larry. I can honestly say it has been a wonderful experience. I now have all of my investments with one extremely competent broker whom I can call and will answer my call and has all the information and advice I need. I have confidently referred Larry to numerous business partners who also share my opinion of Larry and Wealthmore financial services.
Keep up the good work!!!
Lawrence Di Fonzo, Platinum Power Group Inc. (PPG)
“I have been dealing with Larry for our group benefits for over ten years. During this time Larry has demonstrated exceptional customer service skills and has always been attentive to our corporate needs. Larry is proactive when it comes to renewals and continuously presents plans and options to help us keep our costs under control. Prior to our move to WealthMore Financial, we dealt with a number of group benefit providers and instead of the solutions proposed by Larry, they always presented excuses and problems in an attempt to justify the insurance company’s proposed rates. Benefit costs are an expensive line item on the P&L and Larry helps us control and manage that. I would suggest that any company would be well served meeting with Larry and discussing their options with him.”


Mom! - Chief Financial Officer, Major Placement Company
“Our relationship with Larry has been rewarding in every sense of the word. They are incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. They have guided us through the maze of fiduciary governance with insight and wisdom. They have been a tremendous asset to us in our pension plan dealings. I would recommend their services without hesitation.”
Peter Kennedy - Founding Secretary Treasurer , Unifor
My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Berdugo and WealthMore Financial for over 20 years. Larry’s expertise is invaluable in helping us to choose the right financial and insurance products. Larry is attentive to our needs and ensures that we review our insurance and other financial requirements annually to protect us as our children grow up. Larry and his team have an in depth knowledge of the insurance industry and I recommend Larry and his team to my colleagues, family and friends who always thanks me and confirm their own great experiences in working with Larry and Wealthmore Financial.
Richard M. Brooks , Brooks Business Lawyers
“I am excited to be writing this communication in favour of Larry Berdugo.
We have known each other for approximately 30-years and enjoy multiple, strong, successful commercial and personal connections.
Larry is a dedicated, smart, tireless and loyal partner.
He shares well, does well and cares.
Larry is a good person.
From an advisory perspective, Larry continues to offer value added services with a particular appreciation of sophisticated low-risk tax beneficial structured strategies.
From a friendship perspective he is always at face value, disarming and ready to hear and support.
From a business perspective, his consistent daily action, tight focus, organizational management and entrepreneurial hustle/creativity is a model and inspiration for both business and personal success.
I feel good having the opportunity to share my respect for Larry.


Ari Huber CA, Brett Management Inc.
Larry tries very hard to get the appropriate insurance for his clients.
He doesn’t stop until he’s got you the coverage you need at a competitive price.
Leonard Cappe, CPA , Brief Rotfarb Wynne Cappe - Chartered Accountants.
“Larry has advised us ever since we started planning our family twelve years ago. His approach has always come from the perspective of what is ideal for our stage of life and we’ve never felt pressured to buy anything that we did not need. As our needs evolved while our family grew, Larry’s proactive approach to recommend the benefits and shortcomings of various products have allowed us to build a life plan, protect our wealth and gather peace of mind.”
Steve & Jodi Gold, CEO
“Larry is an extremely hard-working, dedicated and competent financial planner, well-versed in his field. He is fully reliable and offers excellent guidance and tips appropriate to our differing needs at different times. He has also managed our Insurance Policies in a manner most beneficial to us.”
“I have known Larry for many years and continue to be impressed with his knowledge and ability to communicate complicated financial concepts in a manner that is easy to digest. With his help and expertise, I have been able to make informed decisions about my future and the future of my family.”
Stacie Glazman
“I/we would say that we appreciate your candour and ‘family style’ approach to what you do. Certainly we are not your biggest clients but we have always been treated well by you and your team of professionals. We know that when you give advice you have put yourself in our position and thought about our family not only now but in the future. For a young couple/family just beginning to look at their financial future there is no better advisor or friend.”
Stephen Adler - Executive Director, Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University | Ontario & Western Canada
“Larry has always impressed us with his knowledge, attention-to-detail, and future orientation. Anybody that has spent time with Larry knows he is a consummate professional who has clear ideas are innovative, simple, and legal. Perhaps most important is that he can be trusted to make you money and worry about the details!

All the best,”

Lee - President , Klick Communications. Winner of the Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) Young Entrepreneur Award for Ontario.
“I thought that I knew all the ways to not pay taxes as I am an accountant, but Larry usually finds new approaches that prompt me to send my clients to him.

“I have dealt with numerous financial planners over the years for many clients. But he is unique in that he has a way of presenting a really complex tax solution in a very understandable manner. He has a great depth of knowledge and you feel well taken care of.

The clients that I have sent him have been extremely pleased with his approach to their issues, and his solutions to their problems. That makes my job easier.”

Phil Wunch, Accountant
“Before I handed my financial affairs over to Larry Berdugo, I had a portfolio that made no sense and was losing money in a strong market environment. Transitioning my assets to Larry was the best financial decision I ever made. He offers up tons of investment options and ideas, he delivers innovative solutions, and he makes me money. I couldn’t recommend him more.”
Aviva Rabinovici, LL.B, President, AR Communications Inc.
“We know Larry for more than 10 years, and during all that time he not only looked after our finances and insurance, but also looked after us in many different ways, big and small. When we were trying to find better school for our daughter, he helped us to find people who knew which school is the best. When we were in difficult times, we knew we can count on his advise and help. Over these years, he became our friend. And by the way, when markets crashed and people around us were loosing 40%-50% of their nest eggs, we were only smiling. Naturally, when our daughter grew up and needed to invest her education money, it was Larry she went to.”
Bolotine family
“Larry I just wanted to tell you that in all the years that I have been dealing with you, I have always been impressed with your knowledge, attention-to-detail, and future orientation. You made sure to push me to think about my exit strategy and made the process easy to navigate. Now, I am thoroughly looking forward to my next opportunity and spending much more time with my family.


Anthony Damiani